Monday, July 19, 2010

afternoon in the park

I could take pictures of these babies all day. I am so in love with little McCoy. He has the cutest, sweetest personality. He reminds me so much of Kaden as a baby. He's so strong and wiggly, social and smiley. He is so expressive with his squinty eyes and eyebrows.

Heidi and I took the picture of us with the babies right before we left on a walk to put them to sleep. The clouds opened up and POURED on us. The little guys stayed dry, but Heidi and I got completely soaked. We actually enjoyed it and got in some good girl talk. The minute we got back to the park the sun came out again.

There are a lot of picture of Beckham, but I can't help it because those blue eyes are just so beautiful. I love the ones of Kaden and Dave on the swing. They were having so much fun. I was standing over 100 feet away and could still hear Kaden giggling loud and clear.

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