Monday, July 5, 2010


The celebration of Independence Day is one of my favorite days of the year. The fourth of July is the epitome of summer. We got to celebrate all weekend and it was perfect. Bayfield has a fun parade and I can't believe how many people show up. Then it's off to parks and splashing around in the water. It's drinking fresh squeezed lemonade and eating bbq. It's basking in the sun and seeing everyone we know. My camera battery died at the parade, which is really too bad because Kaden was awesome and it would have been great to capture his antics and lovable craziness. My favorite thing he did? While walking down the crowded sidewalk he puts his arms out and while walking through a group of girls says (in the most adorable flirtatious voice), "ExcUSE me, ladies!" I laughed out loud. I have never heard him say that before. Where does he get this stuff?

Sunday we went to church then spent the day with my family. We have so much fun together and it was a gorgeous evening. The fireworks at the lake are always spectacular. Poor Beckham has allergies and is teething so he wasn't his smiley self, but was a trooper. It was a perfect weekend and I am sad it's already over.

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The Walker Family said...

Love the "raptor!" pic! :)