Saturday, July 17, 2010

little character

If any picture says Kaden, this is it. That little man has more personality bundled up in his body than anyone I have ever known. He keeps me on my toes and keeps me laughing. He never ceases to surprise me with the acts he pulls. In fact, we've taught him to say, "I'm a circus act!" and he does so proudly.

The night we arrived in Utah we went to Matt's cousin Rich's wedding reception. There was a little fountain with a shallow pool. It was a hot evening and I was betting Kaden would be in that pool before the night was over. I watched as he started off just running around the pool. Then, dipping fingers and fists. Next, it was up to his shoulders as he lay on the brick and reached his arms in. He tested his luck with a little wading to the knees. Finally, he was all in. Splashing, swimming, blowing bubbles, and making a spectacle of himself. He had people gathered around taking his picture actually saying, "whose kid is this?". I joined in on the picture-taking and pretended I didn't know him. He was so happy.

He danced around with Grandpa for a while trying to air dry. These two are so cute together. Dave always makes such a big deal out of him swinging him around, wrestling with him, and having a grand ol' time. Kaden was giggling and beaming.
He decided he was ready for a towel. No such luck. How about a blanket? That wouldn't be happening either, since it was ninety degrees. The only thing I had on me was a nursing cover. So, I hung it around his neck and he proceeded to steal the show while he ran and jumped around like Superman. This kid is awesome.

The icing on the cake was that evening, he came around the corner completely naked and said, "look Mama, I have a tail!" Traci and I about died.
Like I said, he never ceases to surprise me with the crazy stuff he comes up with.


Cecilia said...

Oh, Jess, that is too funny, especially the tail :)

Susan said...

Oh me oh my!! He is so funny, your life will never be dull that's for sure!! Some day you can get him back with these pictures when his girlfriends come over.

Jen and Allen said...

Oh he is going to hate that picture when he is older... that is soo funny.