Friday, July 2, 2010

i love this town

The other day my mom and I loaded up our bikes and headed into Durango for a ride on the river trail. It was a beautiful day and I loved every second of our little ride. It was so fun to see people out walking their dogs, kids on little bikes with training wheels, people tubing down the river, people sleeping and reading in the park. It was perfect and put such a smile on my face. We did about 10 miles round trip. That's not so far on a bike, but pulling those two boys wore me out! My bike needs some major tweaking and adjusting too. Mom was leisurely cruising, about to leave me in the dust, and I was huffing and puffing. I loved it. I love the feel of this little town we live in. I could be content living here forever.

Sometimes Beckham just gets so overcome with love and excitement that he just has to plant a big, juicy one on me. Despite the slobber, teeth, and scratchy fingernails I love it and will take whatever I can get. The poor little dude got so hot and was totally soaked when we finished riding. We finished the excursion with a little splashing in the river. It was a perfect afternoon.

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Robin Randolph said...

It was SOO much fun!!! I love my new bike. :o)

Next time I should try pulling your little trailer. It may do me in. "been there done that" comes to mind, with memories of 3 kids on one bike. Whew!

Wonderful afternoon.