Wednesday, July 7, 2010

kissing cousins

We went to Utah a few weeks ago for my race and we had the best time. I was waiting to get pictures, but decided to just steal them from Traci's blog instead. It was so fun to see sweet Ruby and smiley McCoy. They are precious. We filled up every minute with something fun. I love going up there because I get to see so many people that I love, but it gets stressful trying to fit it all in. I am glad that I got a little bit of special mommy-Kaden time in. He is used to being the center of attention, but with three babies I think he kind of felt left out. He was in Heaven with those babies though-such a love bug. He could hug and kiss on them all day, but they don't always appreciate his affection.

I really think Kaden might be the happiest little boy on earth.

We went the the Kennecott copper mine one day. It was crazy. I had never been before and couldn't believe how huge it was. The tires on the trucks were taller than a bus. Kaden loved watching the "dumpy" trucks and looking at the little trains in the museum.

We tried taking pictures of the kids one day. It really is impossible to get a decent picture with so many babies. Poor Beckham had the worst allergies the whole time and felt miserable. He had just woken from a nap and wasn't giving us anything.
It was hilarious watching Kaden play with the neighbor's dog. He was giggling and running around like a crazy boy. Man, that kid is awesome.
I love all of the sweet expressions. Well, at least Ruby and McCoy's expressions. I think Becks made the same face in every single picture.
There's a bit of a smile! I hope the next time we visit he is happy and healthy.


Ryan and Erin said...

You have such a beautiful family!! I totally know the stained couch problem. I find regular old wipe ups work great on the fabric even for ink. You just have to make sure you do the whole top/side of the cushion so it doesn't leave the water mark. Even if the stain is old, it still works well... unless it's a colorful stain like punch! :( Good luck!

grant + brittany said...

what cute little cousins! i'm glad you guys had so much fun up there and i'm sorry we didn't make it through Durango. we WILL make it happen! We left a day earlier, we headed out in the afternoon and arrived here at about 2 a.m. Anyway i love how much you post and i really really love that clip you posted on mothers. it is so beautiful and it just really touched my heart. thankyou!