Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Loving summer with these little people. Today we went to Roadside, a perfect grassy area with trees, bushes, and walking paths nestled right next to a flowing stream. A big group of moms and kids meet there every week and we savor that time to soak up summer in all its goodness. Kids run and play and leisurely float. Moms chat and laugh. We picnic and bask in the sun. Beckham sits peacefully on his blanket, gingerly playing with one thing at a time. Kaden runs amok, swings on trees, splashes and comes back for a quick cuddle when he's freezing. Beckham is getting quite a beautiful golden glow to his skin. He tans so easily. Kaden is as white as ever, being bathed in sunscreen regularly. After our little outing we came home and napped together while the clouds rolled in. We are loving this summer and the lazy days we get to spend together; it's just going by way too fast. I love it when life slows down and we can enjoy simplicity and savor the little things.

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