Wednesday, August 11, 2010

what summer is all about

We spent the evening outside, taking it all in. Summer evenings are my very favorite. I love the perfect way the sun hits everything to give it all a soft glow. We ate out on the deck tonight. A perfect summer dinner of mandarin chicken salad with homemade bread. The baby bounced and bounced.

I couldn't stop admiring the progress our yard is making-slowly but surely. One of the best parts of my week was when there was finally a break in rain when I had time to go out and mow the grass. It was weedy and overgrown. To my surprise, the lawn is looking awesome. It's thick and green and getting better and better. I am so excited to have beautiful, green, thick, soft grass to run around on, picnic on, lay on and play on.

We jumped,
and jumped some more. It was perfect.
This little boy's happy spirit is like having a slice of Heaven. When he is giggling, smiling and joyful, life is at its sweetest.

We played until the sun gave way to the horizon and the flowers bid adieu. I could have stayed out there all night.


Tyrell said...

It doesn't get any better than summer nights!

Traci Barnes said...

I have been at Dave's in CA all week with no internet. It was fun to read your post this morning. I can just imagine Kaden having the time of his life on that train!! We have Brandon's wedding reception here at our Utah house today. I thought about your anniversary yesterday all day. I hope you guys got some good alone time and did something fun.
I still need to figure out San Diego in October. That is my goal this coming week. I love you guys!!