Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I am so excited. I finally finished editing our blog to create a book for 2008. It's over 200 pages. Wow. It took me hours and hours because I was so meticulous and wanted it to turn out just right. It was so much fun for me. I loved going back and reading previous posts, looking at pictures and remembering things I had forgotten. I can't wait to get it published and to tangibly have a year of our life that I can go back and look through whenever I want to.

Sometimes I might share too much on this blog (I tend to do that; it's like I just don't know when to stay quiet). I hesitated writing about our anniversary because it wasn't the beautiful day I had hoped it would be. Because this is where I come to share our adventures, our happiness and heartache, I want it to be real. I want it to be us. I want it to be what it is meant to be, a recorded memory for me, for my family.

It was a blessing to go through and read it all over again. To see where we've come in the last two years. To see the things that weighed heavily on me all worked out just fine. To see how our prayers were answered 10 fold. That is the purpose of journaling. To be able to go back and see how life unfolded in exactly the way it was supposed to. To look at the canvas that was painted into a masterpiece. Each stroke, even the ugly ones, were all for a purpose.

I have loved looking at our photos. I post and exorbitant amount of pictures on here, and I love that my book for 2008 is not only a journal, but a photo album as well. It's so fun to see how Kaden has grown. His fat little belly and chubby legs have transformed into a lean and toned little boy body. The things he did when he was 18 months old were just foreshadowing of what he would be up to now. I can't wait to complete each year and to receive the beautiful treasure that is our family and our story.


nicole said...

that is wonderful! i have been wanting to do one of those for the longest time! it just seems like such a daunting task. did you go through blurb? well you've inspired me to at least look into it :)
btw, i don't always comment, but i love reading your blog, you are a very real and genuine person...and that's what i love about you. so keep the posts coming...

the sleepy time gal said...

how cool! i've wanted to try that, too. sounds like you're really satisfied. you should take a picture of the book you made and put it on your blog. i'd love to see it.