Sunday, August 29, 2010

the little monkey's party

We had a little birthday party for Beckham today. I guess it was more for us (me) than him. Isn't the first birthday party more for the adults anyway? It was really fun. I am not a party planner in the least. It intimidates me. I am scared to prepare food for people, I worry if everyone is having fun, and I get overwhelmed. I actually had so much fun doing this little party. We did a sock monkey theme and I had so much fun picking things out to go together. I made a little banner with pictures of him from birth to a year and I love how it turned out. It all came together and looked so cute. Thanks to lots of help from my mom the food was so yummy. We had fruit salad, chips and dip, potato salad, hamburgers, and lots of sweets. I loved having friends and family over to join in on the fun. It was a perfect celebration for our little monkey.

Beckham was so excited about this toy. He didn't want Kaden to touch it and yelled at him every time he got close. Becks can get so feisty sometimes, but I don't blame him. Kaden is slowly, very slowly, learning to share the spotlight. Poor little guy, it really is so hard for him. He is pretty sure that he is the reason the world turns, and that everything belongs to him.

He didn't dive into his cake like most babies do. He wasn't too sure what to do with it; I think that it was a little overwhelming.

It was such a fun, laid back party. Maybe I can get the hang of it someday and feel more comfortable entertaining. In the meantime, I have plenty of leftover candy to last me for weeks (okay, honestly, maybe it will last a few days). Happy birthday to my little monkey!


Durrant said...

Such a cute party Jess! Looks great! Happy birthday little man!

Tyrell said...

Looks like a great party to me. I LOVE the banner!

Traci Barnes said...

I wish we could have been there!! Hope the present I sent got there in time though. Looks like you planned the perfect party. Happy Birthday to Beckham!