Monday, May 16, 2011

cheers to "due time"

My beautiful sister got married to Adam Davis on Friday the 13th of May. It was beautiful in every sense of the word. I felt honored that she wanted to wear my dress. She looked stunning. Adam's family is wonderful. The day before and day of the wedding were full of love, happy tears, warm embrace, and much laughter.


Tyrell said...

Michaela is to beautiful it's crazy!

(I LOVE the second to last picture of Beckham and your dad!)

The Walker Family said...

I just love all the redheads in these pics! (and the non-redheads too, but you know what i mean!) so cute!

Robin Randolph said...

Pretty sure we have the best family ever. My opinion may be biased, based on only my experience, but it IS my opinion, nonetheless!! What a wonderful day it was for ALL of us. :)