Tuesday, May 3, 2011

the picture says it all

When I spotted this picture on Traci's blog I busted. I actually laughed and almost spit out the cereal I was eating. These little cousins are just too cute and this picture is perfect. Nana B and Grandpa had the kids for the evening. I saw a video and it was a crack-up. McCoy was spinning the chair endlessly, Kaden was climbing and jumping off of everything, Beckham said "cheese!" every time the camera panned over to him, and Ruby was fascinated petting and hitting Beckham's head. It was a zoo in that room. When I watched the video I was holding Beckham. When he saw Ruby hitting him on the camera (which he didn't mind one bit) he pointed to the screen and sweetly said, "no, no, be sooooffft." These kids are so much fun and I love that they are all so different.

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Tyrell said...

What an awesome picture! I love all of the colors of pajamas.