Monday, June 6, 2011

getting dirty

So, as I have mentioned before, some serious t.l.c. has been put into our (back) yard. Last year our very hard working and loving parents poured hours into helping us excavate, weed, trench, set up a sprinkler system, seed, rake, you name it. I felt so grateful.

My dad has been over a few times this spring and we've been meticulously tweaking the sprinklers to ensure there will be no more dry spots. I have always known that man is a genius. I swear, he can figure anything out. I have reseeded and mowed that baby and it's looking beautiful. It still has a ways to go, but I still feel so proud.

There is something so rewarding about working hard. My back hurts, I'm filthy, hot, sunburned, and tired, and it feels so good. I love watching my little boys digging and playing and helping me water. I'm still totally overwhelmed with all that has to be done, but it's a fun process. And, maybe by the time I am done, I won't have killed everything in the meantime. I'm not known to have a green thumb.

The boys are getting absolutely filthy. They take a bath every night, but could use a few a day. It seems like a crime to put them in their clean beds looking like they do, even at nap time. They are loving every second though. The other night after their bath the water literally did resemble a mud puddle. After the water drained, the bathtub was full of sand. I love seeing those cute kids running around having fun, getting filthy and basking in every minute. There isn't anything much better than cozying up next to fresh, clean, yummy-smelling kids after a long day of play.

Seriously, just look at that dirty mug! For some reason, he feels the need to run around naked half the time. It' s probably because he goes through about 10 changes of clothes every day and like me, is getting a little annoyed by that. Problem solved. I am trying to convince him to at least wear shorts.

Toby is so cute and just the perfect dog for our family. We love him so much. He just loves being out there with us. He's like a little shadow. He literally is everywhere I am. The boys love him like crazy. He often comes with us when we go places. The other day he was sitting between the kid's carseats and Beckham was petting his head saying over and over, "doood dod tobes. doood dod!"

Kaden is still totally obsessed with "roley polies." He is constantly on a quest to find more. He's also added hunting for toads to his to-do list.
I am already loving this summer so much. I always love summer, but for some reason, this one already feels special.


gin said...

Reading this on my last day of school is just what I needed! I am so excited for summer too!

Robin Randolph said...

I'm glad you're so happy with your yard. Just focus on all the wonderful things that are growing, and NOT on the blank vegetable garden that I need to plant!!! It's not too late...........

Loved this blog. You take such great pictures, too. Love you.

Traci Barnes said...

Looks like fun - but I know it is work. Our yard finally is looking good. Hope it it perfect for Michaela's wedding reception.