Saturday, June 25, 2011

surprise ride on thomas

Last weekend we surprised Kaden with a trip on Thomas. My parents have taken him the last two years and he absolutely loves it. Thomas travels around the country. He attaches to the train and "pulls" it along while fun music plays and stories are told. It's a pretty fun little ride. There are also a lot of booths set up with games, stories, magicians, a petting zoo, and bouncy castles. Kaden was in Heaven. It is so fun to see his face light up when he is excited. He could barely contain his happiness in that little body of his. Beckham was pretty excited too when he woke up to find himself on a train ride! Matt and I had such a fun day seeing our little guys happy and having so much fun. I love surprising them. Now, Kaden just needs to learn that the word "surprise" doesn't necessarily mean present. He was still expecting a gift after the day was done. We talked about it and I think he gets it now. He was still so appreciative. He said numerous times, all day long, "thank you so much mommy and daddy for taking me on Thomas!!", and "I love you, I LOVE YOU!".

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