Wednesday, April 18, 2012

it's a crazy house

It's tough to take pictures that aren't blurry when the boys are rolling around like little crazy people (especially when I dont' pay attention to my camera setting! ugggh!).  It was a noisy, laughter-filled, squealing wrestling match.  We have quite a loud house and a noisy yard, whether it be laughter, tears, screaming, or playing. I sometimes wonder what our neighbors are thinking...
And I just had to post this, because I seriously feel like this all of the time!

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Tyrell said...

The last picture is especially hilarious because Everett just did that a few nights ago. I made him a smoothie and put spinach in it this time and I don't think he liked the color of it because he just played with it for 15 minutes and he looked pretty similar to the pic.