Monday, April 30, 2012

mr. curious

 We just had Traci, Nicole, and Connor here to help us in our yard.  Kaden was in Heaven running around getting more dirty than he has ever been, which is really saying something.  He found some sprinkler pieces and decided it would be the best idea to make binoculars.  I went in the house to try to glue them together and Nicole said, "ahh, you are such a good mom." I definitely don't always believe that, and I was at first surprised to hear her say that in this particular moment, but it is true that the little extra moments spent making a little person happy are usually the most important ones.  Despite other things I could have been doing, taking 10 minutes to glue some PVC pipe together was the most important thing at that moment.  I know that I definitely don't always prioritize right, or spend enough time or focus enough attention on the truly important things in life, but I do try to always remind myself to make the most of the little moments.  I know that those are the things my kids will remember.  I want them to always feel like they are important, what they have to say matters to me, and that I am never too busy to spend 10 minutes making their day.

Kaden has always made funny faces, but he is taking them to a new level.  He has decided to make a hobby of becoming a statue.  He will make a funny face in the most awkward pose and just stand there not moving.  He thinks it is awesome and will do it repeatedly all day long, even at the grocery store, mall, gym, etc.  If I talk to him, he quickly reminds me that statues can't talk.
Kaden is curious.  All day long he asks what every word means, every phrase, and then asks how to say it in Spanish.  If we don't know he just can't take that answer. He is persistent and just has to know everything right now.  It can get tricky figuring out how to explain something in simple terms, or defining something without using the actual word.

He and Matt have been having little nightly conversations for weeks.  I absolutely love this.  Matt loves to teach but his teaching becomes more of a lecture, and usually Kaden checks out long before Matt is done explaining.  He is too busy thinking of the next thing, running to the next act of mischief, or asking the next question.  In the evenings it's different.  At night, after prayers, Matt sits on Kaden's bed and they talk and talk.  They would talk all night long if I let them.  I have been pretty lenient with bedtime though, because I feel like this bonding is so important. They usually talk for over 45 minutes.  Kaden actually listens, asks questions, and remembers what his daddy says.  I love listening.  Kaden says, "hey Dad, let's talk about space....Hey Dad, let's talk about icebergs....Hey Dad, let's talk about love....Hey Dad, let's talk about the globe..."  Kaden really listens and learns.  It warms my heart like nothing else.
He is such a little goofball.

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Tyrell said...

LOVE the pictures!

(I would love to run into little statue Kaden at the grocery store... how funny!)