Monday, April 2, 2012

maybe he'll be a doctor and support his mother

 Kaden is completely obsessed with the "body book" as he calls it.  He knows where it's kept and looks through it multiple times every day.  He is gentle and careful and knows where his favorite areas of study are (he loves the bladder, kidneys, and the poo.  Maybe because he can relate?).  He loves learning and for a 5-year-old knows a heck-of-a-lot about the miraculous human body.  Maybe this interest will continue and he will become a surgeon or doctor and he can support his poor mother.
 And I could not love this picture more.  His little eyeballs barely poking up over the book? Little creeper, I just love it.


Tomber's Heaven said...

Dang Jess, you're HOT!

Tyrell said...

I totally second the first comment... AND I LOOOOVE that picture of Kaden's eyes just barely peeking over the book. So cute!

lori said...

you two are SOOOO adorable.