Wednesday, April 11, 2012

bubbles are magic

The boys spent an hour chasing the bubble train around the kitchen. Bubbles are magical and a good go-to when boredom hits.  Plus, it soaped up my floor nicely so I had to mop.  I have to have something to force me to mop because I hate it.  I love watching those boys play and laugh together.  They are so different and definitely have their little fights, but they love each other.  Kaden usually gets screamed at for being too loving and affectionate toward Beckham.  He is so in love with his little brother and really looks out for him whenever I have to leave them somewhere.  Beckham is always looking for Kaden and trying to do whatever he is doing.  Today I couldn't keep him off the soccer field when Kaden was practicing.  He just wants to be one of the big boys.  I love that he is developing a small sense of adventure.  He is trying new things and pushing his little body. I am so proud of the things he is learning.  I think his stubbornness and feisty personality are going to benefit him and make up for any physical deficit he might have.  I love watching these two becoming closer and the best of friends.
Beckham was scolding me when I took this picture," No Mama. No touchy Mommy's tamera!" At least he has learned it isn't to be touched. I gave them short haircuts the other day.  It always makes them look so much older.  I love that they don't have out of control bedhead every morning.  Little boy's hair is already turning so blond from just being in the sun a few days. 
They are just so adorable I can hardly stand it.


Anonymous said...

I love that last picture! Look at that little one just looking up to his brother in adoration. Very cute boys, and such sweet pictures.

Jen and Allen said...

Love the buzz cut.