Saturday, April 7, 2012

a little 5k scramble

Today I met up with a bunch of friends to run in a fun "scramble" 5k.  It was part of the big Easter celebration at the park. I hadn't planned on running since our awful bug, but some friends convinced me and it ended up being a good time.  I could definitely feel the heaviness in my lungs from being sick, but the little race was really fun.  I loved having lots of friends running; I will do anything for a social adventure.  We snapped a bunch of pictures at the end and stuck around for an awards ceremony.  I was about 20 seconds behind the first girl.  I was really wishing I had pushed past her when they handed out a camelback for her prize!
I love these cute little running families. 
Don't those two look like they are having the time of their lives?
I really just could not get enough of sweet Gunner's chubby cheeks.  What a little ham.
Garret was all tuckered out after his race.  What a sweetheart.  These little community runs are always so much fun, especially in a small town.  It's fun to see everyone, cheer for each other, and enjoy the snacks at the end.  I guess it's becoming clear that I run for the friends and the food.

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