Saturday, March 22, 2008

High in the sky!

Thursday we drove back home from Utah. I am sad that we missed a few friends, but we had a wonderful time with everyone we were able to meet up with. Next time, I will let people know in advance when we are coming!

Kaden is such a trooper in the car. He was getting so sick of it though and I was tired and had the worst headache. So, while driving through Green River we decided to stop at a park and play for a while. I had to take pictures of him on the swing because it was the most hilarious thing. He was laughing SO hard, and everytime he would swing forward his head would fall back. He was having so much fun it totally made my day. These simple things that bring so much joy to my little boy, make my life so rich. I love being his mom.

Daddy got him swinging really high...and Kaden was ecstatic.

Could he be any happier? I love those little gap cute!


Jodi Jean said...

how fun!! aidan loves to swing as well!

Brooke said...

Gotta love traveling with kiddos and the random stops along the way. Too cute. I've never even met Kaden but I feel like i know his cute personality!