Thursday, July 10, 2008

Breakfast Cookout

On Saturday we had the greatest time at a neighborhood breakfast cookout. There are a bunch of families here that like to get together for different things and this was the perfect opportunity! We had a delicious feast and then spent the rest of the time socializing and playing. This yard was seriously the most fun playground...for the kids and adults! There are tree houses, tunnels, swings, swinging bridges, and even a zip line! It was great fun and tons of people showed up.

Kaden in his perfect-sized chair. He had a hard time balancing his food, so he ended up with my big chair and I sat in that little thing...too bad I don't have a picture, I'm sure it was a funny sight.

Too bad he blinked!

Kaden spent so much time just running through the tunnel. Back and forth, back and forth.

The swinging bridge. It's high above a stream and it swings and bounces...SO much fun! Plus, there were tons of other little kids there and Kaden LOVES to socialize! (He must be related to me.)

You can't really tell, but the zip line was actually pretty high up and I was a little nervous at first. I love stuff like this, but I wasn't so sure that I wouldn't totally just slide right off the seat.
Pulling the swing up, getting ready for the ride.

The Zip line was SO much fun! (And I didn't even slide off the seat!)


Robin Randolph said...

This is such a nice legacy to our friend David McGinnis who built all that fun stuff in his yard!! And we all miss him so much. I'm always happy when we can go over there to play...and now there's yet another generation to enjoy David's "amusement park."

Jodi Jean said...

WOW that looks like fun!