Saturday, July 19, 2008

Date Night....gotta love date night.

While we were up in Utah we got together with Michaela and the guy she is dating. Robert is such a nice guy and so much fun. I loved them together, and loved that Michaela could just be herself around him. Maybe we felt a little TOO comfortable with him...haha. I hope that we didn't scare him off! My sister and I can get a little crazy sometimes (and maybe a bit annoying to those who are forced to be with us!). Well anyway, we approve!

We went up to Sandy and ate at the Myan. The decor and ambiance at the Myan is so much fun. We ate in a tree house overlooking the waterfall and pool. We got to watch flame throwers and divers perform their show, while others walked around in nothing but a loin cloth. It was pretty funny and I wonder who would really want that job. Michaela and I joked that they are hoping people they know come so they can show off their muscles....haha. Going there is always an adventure.

While we were waiting for our table we took a bunch of pictures. We occassionally get a bit out of control when we're together, we have a blast and always laugh a lot. I love spending time with her and miss having her close by.

Michaela and Robert

I hope that giant lizard doesn't eat us. Actually, if that were real, I think this would be my reaction, really.

Those teeth were quite nasty and sticky. Pretty disgusting really. I'm not even going to think about how many other people have climbed willingly into that mouth.....

After dinner we went to see Get Smart, which by the way is HILARIOUS. Maybe I was just in the mood to laugh, but I seriously laughed SO HARD, I was pretty much crying. Loved it.

Hurray for a nice, cute boy. I am happy to say he has our seal of approval, and two thumbs up!!!(And trust me, not all of them have been awarded so.)


Jodi Jean said...

how fun!! that place looks pretty cool.

Dan & Ashley said...

Hooray for your sis! He looks like such a cute boy! What a fun date night!