Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sweet Innocence

There is such a sweet innocence about children. Last night Kaden said his own prayers,
"Dear Henly Fodder,
Thank you for bessings,
Thank you for ursery (nursery),
Thank you for choo-choos,
Thank you for trains,
Thank you for tracks,
name Jesus Christ, Amen".
And now, I am listening to him lay in his bed, singing himself to sleep. There is nothing more heart-warming than that cute little voice. These are the sweet moments of motherhood that I love, that I just can't get enough of.


Alesha said...

I know just what you mean and I love it. They are so sweet and innocent (even when they are testing your limits) and it is those perfect moments that melt your heart. So glad little man is home and doing well. I wish we could come and see you guys so badly! Let me know for sure when trips to UT come up. We will be there Nov. 18th for my brothers wedding, just so you know ;) Love you.

grant + brittany said...

Tracy told us on Sunday the crazy story of her stay with you. Too funny about Kaden just running away with the dog. I can't wait to see you guys... whenever that will be!

Robin said...

Sweet moments in Nanahood too! I'm surprised my heart keeps reforming, because it melts so much. I love your little boys!!!

Holly said...

Wow, I haven't checked your blog for awhile so much fun stuff going on. You are awesome Jess- cute, witty, grateful and fun! Good luck with keeping up w/ your boys. :) I hope Beckham continues to get stronger everyday.