Wednesday, September 30, 2009

sweet, sweet, baby

Baby is doing so well. He eats good and sleeps good. Today he was exactly the size Kaden was when he was born: 7lb 7 0z, 21 inches. It is interesting, since yesterday was his official due date. It is crazy he is over a month old. I am sorry that he came early and had a few bumps to go over, but man am I glad I wasn't pregnant that whole time. I may have had a major meltdown by now.

I love Beckham's long fingers. His hands are so perfect. He always has them near his face and he likes to stretch his fingers out like this. I love it.

It is so fun for me that Kaden and Beckham are quite different. Beckham is such a snuggly little guy and just burrows into me when I hold him. From the day Kaden was born he liked to face out, threw himself around, arched his back, tossed his head around, and was always wiggling. We'll see if Beckham stays so snuggly, but right now I am soaking it up. I am so lucky that they both have such mellow, easy-going personalities. I am loving this boy business; it's for me.


Durrant said...

I love it! Beckham is so precious! Seriously a beautiful baby!

Tomber's Heaven said...

Jess, he is so sweet. Oh my goodness I can't believe how precious he is. Well actually I can, you make beautiful babies! Love you!