Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We stayed out in the yard

I wish I had a really good "before" picture. I posted pictures a few weeks ago of our sunflower jungle. What couldn't be seen in those pictures was the massive amount of weeks hiding beneath the pretty flowers. When Beckham was born, my mom and dad spent days, and DAYS pulling weeds and flowers. They hauled off two nearly overflowing trailers-full. Man, they really must love me.

Last week we started the excavating and contouring. Our lot is on the side of a hill and quite steep, and it's taken some brainstorming and creativity to come up with the best idea for a cool yard. The vision is coming into fruition little by little, and I'm excited.

How fortunate that my dad happens to own a tractor, complete with every attachment we could dream of. He has been spending hours going up and down, back and forth, moving dirt. It's pretty sweet that Dad also just so happens to know about everything and how to do everything. Seriously, my dad is the coolest. He is an artist at his work.

He used a handy tool to upturn and drag gigantic rocks down to a general area where my mom and I worked like little slaves moving them into piles. I think we could have built something akin to the Great Wall...This picture really does no justice. We're awesome.

So, we moved all of these rocks, only to have to move them again. But, look what we did!

We BUILT a WALL! I know, it's pretty impressive. Those rocks are not small, light, or easy to move, but we kept at it and I love how it turned out-especially because it was FREE.

My mom worked SO hard. I kept taking breaks to feed children, put them to bed, get a snack, get a drink, blow my get the idea. She is amazing; my hero.

I told Kaden to give a "thumbs up!" and he gave the number one sign. It works. We are number 1!

Kaden has been an absolute filthy mess. He has loved playing in the dirt all day everyday though. His bathwater has been looking a bit mud puddle-ish. I am excited to get going on this. It will be a long work in progress, but I can't wait for a real yard.
to be continued...

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