Friday, September 4, 2009

Tiny Steps

An update (please ignore the horrible picture quality)

Every day Beckham is taking small steps in the right direction. He hasn't had to skip a feeding in the last few days, and has even increased the amount he can take in. Hopefully, tomorrow they will be taking him off of his IV nutrition and see what he can do on his own. He is up to 5 lb 7 oz, so he's gaining steadily and almost back to his birth weight. He is showing that he really is related to us. He absolutely LOVES his feedings and inhales the milk. When it's gone I practically have to rip the bottle from his mouth, and he is always looking for more. His tummy just needs to cooperate and he can have all he wants!

He is also spending a lot more time awake and has been waking on his own for feeding time. I am still surprised when I see his eyes. One of his nurses has been lovingly calling him "the Slug" since he pretty much has slept for a week straight.
I enjoy holding him so much. I could spend all day with him snuggled up with me. I have been anxious and stressed lately, and the minute I pick him up I feel so calm, relaxed, and happy. I am so excited for his progress and am keeping my fingers crossed he comes home SOON. I have been praying hard for it, and giving little Beckham daily pep talks...
I think it's working.


Jen and Allen said...

Yea! he has eyes... he is so cute I hope he gets to come home for you soon.

Jennifer said...

I hope so badly you can bring your sweet baby home as soon as possible. Thank you for your comment on facebook. Miracles do happen, I just hope we all see them soon.

me and you plus two said...

You are such a beautiful mother. Those boys, all three of them ;0) are such a blessing to you and you can just tell that you are to them as well. Thank you, just reading your blog makes me want to be a better mom and wife.

cari runia said...

Congratulations Jess & Matt! And to big brother Kaden too! Little Beckham looks like such a precious, tiny, perfect baby boy... we will keep him and your family in our prayers, and hope he continues to get stronger so you can all enjoy snuggly family time together at your darling home.
We love you so much and are so happy for you!
Love, Cari and Ryan- and the kids... :)