Sunday, April 25, 2010

his spirit is as big as his body

actually, it's much bigger.

I have always been drawn to Matt's gentle nature. His spirit has always been larger than life and shown through him like a beam of light. He has a quiet, inner faith and understanding about things. He trusts and believes.

Matt's never been really outspoken about his testimony. When we were dating, I wanted to make sure that he had the spiritual strength I knew was needed to venture through this life successfully and happily. I wanted to know he would be a strength in our marriage, the rock of our family. He bore me the most heartfelt testimony and I was blown away. His thoughts were and still are so sacred and special to him. He keeps a lot to himself, but every now and then he comes up with just the right thing to buoy me up, words of faith that are so strong and full of peace. He has been able to lift me and bring me through struggles and many tough nights.

When he prays he is sincere and thoughtful. He takes his time and means every word he says. He thinks through things and speaks to Heavenly Father as if he were sitting right next to him. Sometimes I am in awe at how present he really is, how involved in the family and our life he really is. I regret that I occasionally forget to fully include him in the shuffle of daily life. He shows me over and over, he is paying attention.

His faith and eternal perspective amaze me. He is not angry with his circumstances; he chooses to see the bigger picture. I have no doubt the inner strength and faith he has pulled him through the harrowing days in 2005. Personal, miraculous experiences he had during that time only further prove his tenacity, love of life, and spiritual strength.

He reads his
patriarchal blessing almost daily. He humbly closes his eyes and offers a prayer first, then reads the bent up, shrunken laminated blessing he keeps in his wallet. More often than not, he will read a part to me and add his thoughts. He knows he has a very special purpose on this earth, and again, his thoughts and words have often helped me see a bigger picture, strengthened my faith, and brought peace into my heart.

I really could go on and on about how strong and faithful Matt is. There have been countless times I have looked at him, watched him, and been completely overcome with love and the knowledge and feeling of God's immense love for Matt. He is a special person. He is a very special person and I do not say that as his wife. Anyone who knows him, anyone who has spent a little time with him, anyone who has really paid attention, knows that warm feeling that comes by being in his presence. He really is someone remarkable. His spirit is larger than life.

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