Monday, April 5, 2010


We had a wonderful Easter . I love the special feeling Easter brings, the celebration of Christ's resurrection and what that gift means for mankind. It was perfect that the sun was shining and it was one of the nicest, warmest days we've had this year. The sun could not shine so brightly on a better day. I felt so peaceful and warm, happy and optimistic. Conference weekend is uplifting and fulfilling and falling on Easter this year made it even more special. I love the opportunity to listen to inspired leaders, to be reminded of the truly important things, and to be given new life and new perspective.

There are many opinions and misconceptions about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon). I am proud and honored to say that we are Christian; we absolutely believe He is the Savior of the world. He is the center of our religion, of our lives, and lives in our hearts. We strive to base our life on His teachings, His example, and we hope to emulate His love and uplift others through Him. His atoning sacrifice and resurrection are paramount; the ultimate reason we celebrate Him. We celebrate his LIFE, His eternal gift to every person who has lived, lives, and ever will live. We believe, we know, that He lives. I know that He lives.

I love the opportunity to teach my boys the meaning of such a special holiday. Kaden was so excited about painting eggs, eating candy, and all the prizes in his basket. My heart could not have been happier when I asked him what the real reason for Easter is and he answered "Jesus!".

We spent the afternoon with my parents. We had a wonderful dinner and enjoyed each other. Beckham lay on the floor squealing, kicking, talking and laughing. We watched as Kaden made a complete disaster of the living room.
My brother and I teased each other like we always do. Beckham pulled his hair and his ears, while Kaden climbed on him like a jungle gym. We hid eggs for Kaden and watched as he excitedly ran through the yard to find them. Then, we watched as he cracked and smashed every one of those eggs.

It was a beautiful day, in every sense of the word.


Robin said...

It was such a wonderful day!!! And you have written a wonderful testimony. Thanks for sharing. Mom

Brooke and Mike said...

Thank you for sharing your amazing testimony in this post. I truly admire you!