Monday, April 26, 2010

he loves me!

Matt has always been so outspoken in his love for me. I don't write this to talk myself up in any way, after all, I often joke that his bad memory works to my benefit. He tends to forget the beastie Jess that emerges sometimes and only remembers the good stuff. I think he even over-embellishes the good stuff and that's fine by me.

From the time we first started dating Matt bragged on me. I would meet people for the first time and they had "heard all about me", ask "oh, is this her?", etc. Talk about a boost to the self-esteem. If I ever feel bad about myself I just need Matt around to cheer me up and tell me how awesome I am (even if he is totally delusional, and he is.). It's always made me feel so good to know that he loves me, he is proud of me, and proud that I am his. He has always told me countless times a day, "I love you, babe."

On numerous occasions I have run into someone who has seen Matt and they mentioned me for some reason or another. I always get report that he says things like, "Oh, isn't she wonderful?" or, "Man, you are so lucky you got to see her!", or "I love her, she is a princess." It just makes my heart melt to hear this. Sometimes I feel bad because I don't think I deserve all the praise, but what a sweet husband to always speak so highly of his wife.

If I ever say anything negative about myself, or should I say anything less than praising myself, Matt quickly scolds me with, "hey, don't talk about my beautiful wife that way." He negates what I say by telling me how wonderful he thinks I am, or special traits about me, or good things I have done.

He will do absolutely anything I ask him to do, without hesitation. He always asks how he can help, how he can make me happier, how he can be a better husband. Sometimes I call him by one of his many nicknames, "Slave boy", because I am asking him to do silly things like bring me water when I am reading in bed, turn the heat up, go find this or that, because I am too lazy to do it myself. He doesn't seem to like being called "Slave boy" because he says he likes to do things for me, no matter how silly they are. Seriously, where did he come from?

I love how he adores me and I know that I could learn so much from this-- from his endless completely unconditional love for me. He forgives me in an instant and never holds a grudge. If I am being particularly moody or mean and apologize, he is so quick to sympathize and show understanding and act as if he hasn't noticed my bad behavior. I am very, very far from perfect, but in his eyes, I am perfect. That is what love is all about. Overlooking (or completely forgetting) the bad stuff and choosing to notice the good. I admire Matt so much for the unconditional love he shows me everyday and I want to be like him.


Nicole Wood said...

Jess - Matt's impression of you definitely rubs off on others as well. I think you are perfect too! Love you.

Dan and Ashley said...

What a great idea to do these "Matt Posts"! He deserves it! What a wonderful person he is (and YOU too!). We love you Matt--Happy Birthday!!

Traci Barnes said...

I admire you for looking for the good in others. So many people with brain injury let the "mean" come out and we are so blessed that the kind Matt always shines through.