Wednesday, September 1, 2010

a final hoorah

Last week we went to the lake with Andrea and Justin and it was one of the best days of summer. It was one of those days when I had too much to do; I actually had an agenda. Andrea called to see if we wanted to go and I threw all plans out the window and quickly gathered little swimming trunks, sunscreen, and fresh fruit. Irresponsible? Maybe. Do I regret it? Not for a minute. We kayaked, swam, had a picnic lunch, built a sand castle, and watched the little ones play, laugh, and splash around. Summer is flying by at the speed of light and it's nearly over. It was nice to get in one last day of summer relaxing and playing.

We kayaked from the marina to a beachy spot. The boys loved the kayaks. Kaden was so excited to ride in a "little boat". He felt like such a big boy. Becks hated his life jacket. It rode up too high and squished his fat cheeks. Once he got past that, he was thrilled to be gliding through the water, and giggled when little droplets splashed him every now and then.

Our little beach was perfect. It was shallow with big smooth rocks so Kaden could wade out a little way. When Beckham got hungry or tired he set up residence in the big tube. He was so happy.
Shouldn't these two be models? It was such a treat to have Andrea come back and visit so soon. And Justin? We love him. He is so good with the little boys and I am so impressed with how he treats Matt. He is such a good person and so unselfish and loving toward Andrea.

He's thinking about trouble...

I love that little face. He looks like he's been caught in the act.

I tossed Kaden into the water. He knows how to hold his breath but maybe I didn't give him enough warning. He was a little mad when he came up. He swam over to me for a hug.
I told him he was so brave and we high-fived and he forgave me.

This summer has been so good. I love fall and the changing of the seasons but I wish summer could just hang around for a little bit longer.

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Traci Barnes said...

It looks like it was the perfect day. I am taking the girls and their little ones to lunch today at the Noni building which is supposed to have a great garden, I wish you could join us. Caleb is back in town and I have to drop off a truckload of his stuff on the way. OK what is the deal with Justin? I thought they were breaking up? I dan't keep up with Andrea....