Thursday, December 23, 2010

christmas miracle

One Sunday back in November, Matt, the boys, and I were actually having a smoothly running Sunday morning. We pulled into the church parking lot and I excitedly exclaimed, "Yay! It's a Christmas Miracle! We are actually early for church!" Ever since then, if I or Kaden feel excited about something, or something cool happens, Kaden proclaims in a loud, sweet voice, "it's a Christmas Miracle!" I think it's the cutest thing.
Yesterday Beckham was playing in the living room and I was busy making dinner and straightening up the house. I looked into the living room and he was gone. I was actually dumbfounded because that boy is always right where I leave him. Lo and behold, he was all the way down the hallway. He had maneuvered himself through the living room and to the end of the hall using his modified army crawl, all by himself. I was so proud. It was indeed a Christmas miracle. One, because the boy actually had the motivation to go somewhere, and two, he used his legs and those wimpy little arm muscles to pull himself there. I was so proud and made a big deal, which makes him feel so happy and he beamed. Kaden played off of my excitement exclaiming "Christmas miracle!" and jumping around. Becks was soaking up the love.
It is so cute to watch that little guy try to get around. When he is doing his little crawl his legs are flailing, his head goes from side to side, and he huffs and puffs. He is still so uncoordinated and weak, but he tries hard. He is still improving and is showing more of a desire to get to things he wants. He followed me down the hall into his room today. It took him forever, but he did it. I can tell that it makes him very happy when he discovers new things that he can do. He's getting there, slowly but surely.

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Tyrell said...

YAY for Beckham!!!!