Saturday, December 4, 2010

rub it for luck

If I made a list of my favorite things about Beckham it would be about a mile long. Does that make them any less favorite, having about a million favorites? I don't think so. This boy is just so lovable I can hardly stand it. A few on the top of the list? That giant buddha belly, double chin, and the way he smothers things that he loves. These pictures are awful since my flash is not so hot, but still, who can resist that chubby, soft, squishy boy?

He was lovin' on that precious puppy to no end. He makes the sweetest little high pitched noises and squeals when he is overcome with love for something. That little puppy is the last of many that my great grandma, my Nana, made. I have one from when I was tiny. They are so special and I was beyond excited when my mom gave us the last one.

Love that belly!


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Rebecca, Lance, and Acadia-Rose said...

Bow Wow! (Or atleast that's what I called mine) I loved those stuffed dogs that your Nana made. So glad to see Beckham gets one too!