Thursday, December 2, 2010

very merry

Our tree is up. It's been up for over a week--since before Thanksgiving. I didn't even intend to put it up, but I was cleaning and switching out rugs and curtains and such and Kaden said, "Mama! Lets put up the Christmas tree!" I had the best time decorating with my little man. Matt and Beckham just laid on the floor in the living room and Kaden and I went to town. He was so cute hanging things, jumping around squealing. He was just so excited and it made my heart so happy.

Holidays really are even better with little kids. Everything is more exciting, happier, and seeing things through a child's eyes is something I never thought I would enjoy this much. It brings back my own childhood memories and the things I cherished and got excited about when I was younger. It's fun to start our new family traditions, special to our little family, and to continue the ones we've always had.

Getting Kaden to smile for a picture these days is proving to be nearly impossible. That is why he isn't on here as much as Beckham has been lately. Becks still hams it up while Kaden is always flashing the cheesiest fake grin or is a total blur because he won't stop running around. That's him though, and the candid shots just show his little, actually very big, personality.

Our tree is beautiful and I love it. Right now it's classy and warm and so Christmas-y. We have another little tree that I didn't get a picture of that has the kids special ornaments, homemade goodies, colored lights, and has so much character. I think next year the big tree will be the one with the character and the classy one will be demoted. I love the beautiful tree, but I always grew up with a tree that we added to every year. As we decorated we reminisced each ornament; the ones with glittery-glue we made in first grade, the clay ornaments we hand painted, the rocking horse I had as a baby, etc. Those ornaments mean so much, have a story, and give the tree so much character. I want my kids to be proud to hang their gluey noodle ornaments and strung popcorn on the tree.
I loved coming home from our Thanksgiving vacation to a nicely decorated, warm home. I'm excited to dive into the Christmas season full swing, teaching the boys more about Jesus and giving, and celebrating the fun of the season too.


Robin Randolph said...

Before you know it, they'll be writing poems!! I've had fun with them over here decorating my house, too. Kaden was sooo excited about all the many boxes of decorations I have.

Traci Barnes said...

I am jealous. Since we are leaving for CA I am not going to put up the tree.
Hey I have cleaned and washed everything and cannot find the phone. I hope it turned up. I do have Matt's PJs, your necklace, and Beckahm's blanket. Do you want me to bring any to CA or leave it here for you to bring home?

Love you guys - loved having everyone here for TG!!