Tuesday, December 7, 2010

thanks for cute boys

We got to spend the entire week of Thanksgiving with Dave and Traci. It was fun to see all of Matt's siblings, the other babies, and some of Dave's kids too. I always love our trips up there. I always seem to leave without my normal plethora of pictures. Everyone has a camera and is snapping away, so I hardly take any. I plan to get the pictures before I leave but never seem to make that happen. So, here are a few of my favorites from my camera. Hopefully I can get the other pictures somehow because there were some good ones! Kaden is refusing to let me get a good picture of him. I am sad about that because he has the cutest smile and squinty eyes. He's so expressive and I want to capture that. It is unreal to me that he is going to be four in a few short weeks.

My little superman got quite a bruise on his noggin. Poor guy is always hitting his head on something. He keeps hitting this same spot over and over and I think it's going to be semi-permanent for a while.
Kaden LOVES book and I love that he loves them so much. He is always on the go and full of energy running a million miles an hour all day long, but when we sit down to read he focuses, sits still, pays attention and soaks it all up. We could read for hours. He gets at least 2 stories every day at naptime and bedtime. I love to read to him.

I am jealous of Ruby's amazing eyelashes. What a doll.

Beckham loved his little cousins. He was so happy when they were around. Ruby is crawling and McCoy walks all over the place and Beckham seemed to try harder to move around when we were there. I think he is finally getting the desire to actually go somewhere. It was fun to have all four little kids together. Poor Kaden wanted them to play with him but they just aren't quite big enough yet.

Thanksgiving was wonderful. Dave made an amazing meal and the home was filled with love and gratitude. I feel blessed all year, but the holidays really make me think about my life and how rich it is and my heart feels full.

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