Thursday, December 16, 2010

i'm a sentimental stealer

We just got a brand spankin' new car. Okay, not really spankin' new, but it's in the 2000's so that is new to me! I am so excited about it. My aunt and uncle were getting rid of their subaru outback, and we were the lucky winners. I really do feel like we stole it. They gave it to us for less than half of the blue book price. I feel so grateful. We've been looking for something for a while now, just waiting for the right thing to come along. This is perfect for us.

I feel spoiled. It has leather interior, manual transmission, a sun and moon roof, roof rack, is all wheel drive, has tons of space, gets great gas mileage, and drives like a dream. AND! It has seat warmers. Best invention ever.
I just spent a small fortune on some serious snow tires. Really, these things mean business. I feel safe and ready to brave the winter. I love this car and it really is just what our little family needs.

It's no secret that I am pathetically sentimental. I actually feel sad for our little altima that is sitting in the garage. It has over 200,000 miles on it, and I have put on over 100,000 miles myself. I feel like it is lonely and wondering why I don't drive it anymore. Maybe it's happy to finally have a break. Or, maybe it is an inanimate object that doesn't actually have feelings. Regardless, I kind of feel sad for moving on to bigger and better things.

We got that Altima for literally next to nothing. It came from a close family friend who owns a car dealership. After our accident I couldn't drive a manual anymore, so our sweet friends came up with the Nissan and it's taken care of us ever since. It's driven us on long trips, back and forth all day every day, carried babies in carseats, and never left us stranded or in a bind. I am happy that it is being passed on to my brother when he gets married. It still drives and runs excellent and I am sure it will take good care of them as well.

I know it's pathetic and maybe I seem crazy, maybe I am, but I will miss the little car and feel like maybe in a small way I have abandoned it. It kind of reminds me of a childhood book my mom used to read to me. About a little house that had a cute little family living in it. They played and used the house to it's full capacity and the house was happy. They eventually moved and the house was abandoned and slowly a city was build all around it. The house felt sad and lonely. So, that is why I still think that objects, at least mine, have feelings. That is why my altima is sitting in the garage thinking about it's long and useful life. I just hope the subaru isn't gloating.


Tyrell said...

Whoot whoot! Somebody got an outback!!!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh jess, you are so hilarious. i just love you.