Saturday, December 18, 2010

kaden's cupcakes

Sometimes it's rough being a little boy. This week Kaden was so excited to take treats to his school for his birthday and I was going to read his favorite Christmas book to his class. He talked about it all week, picked out his flavor of cupcakes and anticipated making them. Wednesday night we baked yummy strawberry cupcakes. We made blue and green frosting and had sprinkles to go on top. He was thrilled to pieces.
The day before he had a fever and just wasn't himself. Then all day Wednesday he complained that his mouth was hurting. When I brushed his teeth that night I noticed that he had little sores all over the inside of his mouth. Tons and tons of canker sores that looked so painful. I called my friend whose husband is a dentist to see what I should do. She asked me to look at his hands and feet, and sure enough, he was developing little sores, blisters, and a rash. She said that it was hand, foot, and mouth disease. What?!?! It sounds like some crazy sickness you would acquire in a third world country or something. Apparently it's a virus that is very contagious for about a week and eventually resolves on it's own. Weird.
I felt so bad for him because he had to stay home from school. He was so bummed that he didn't get to bring his treats or have his mama read to the class. He had also been so excited for the preschool Christmas program. He's been singing the songs and dancing around the house. It was such a bummer for him to have to miss that.
He was a pretty good sport though when he got spoiled because I felt bad for him. He definitely ate his fair share of the cupcakes. He got to paint and make a big mess of the kitchen. Then, Nana came over while I went to work and they created a gingerbread house.

And what is up with his smile?!?! I wish he would get over this silly stage already and show me that cute smile he's known for. The little guy is feeling much better and his sores are almost healed. I think he's almost forgotten the fun he had to miss because we tried to make up for it and I promised we'd make them again to bring to school in January. He's a little spoiled sometimes, but he deserves it because he's a sweetheart.

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