Tuesday, December 21, 2010

sweet tooth

How do kids seem to know how wonderful sugar is? It's like they are inherently born with this incessant craving, a need, and an internal honing device that leads them to the source of such goodness. I know my kids are doomed, because I also have this sugar addiction. I would like to keep all sweets out of my house but who am I to deprive them of such a gift?!? We try to eat healthy around here, and I think we do a pretty good job, but sometimes that sugar craving gets the best of us. It's too embarrassing to admit how many times we hit up the local bakery for their delicious doughnuts (really, they're the best I've ever had) after working out at the gym. The other day we made a stop to satisfy our need and I was completely entertained watching Beckham savor his ginormous, Christmas-spirited doughnut. Seriously, what a little ham!

"So I ate a doughnut the size of my head. What are you looking at?"

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