Tuesday, October 25, 2011

a cloudy nature walk...and i'm a picture hoarder

Today was cold, dark, overcast, and dreary. We stayed in the house building forts, coloring pictures, wrestling and cuddling, making smoothies, and reading stories. By 4:00 I was tired of being inside. We decided to bundle up and head out to the hill behind our house. There is a fun little trail back there and the kids love our little "nature walks".

I have a problem, though. I cannot stop snapping pictures when I have my camera with me. It's just too hard to put down when I see so many things to capture. Those boys are always doing something, that of course I, as their mother, cannot resist. They are just too adorable. I love all of the thousands of photos I have of them playing, jumping, climbing, giggling, crying, etc. They make me so happy. I am a happy hoarder. I only had my camera out about 1/4 of the time today...can you imagine what would have happened if I hadn't put it away?!

Callie, our new little kitty, even came part way with us. She is so funny. We acquired her when my brother and his wife couldn't keep her. She is still so young. She plays and climbs, chases and hunts. Beckham is in love with her. He calls her "tallie tat". She sleeps with him and allows him to tackle her and smother her. She never gets mad.

Beckham didn't walk as far today. He wanted to be carried. He's wanted to be held and cuddled most of the day which makes me happy. When he did walk, he picked his own way. He was wandering around paying no attention to the way Kaden and I were trying to lead him. Kaden was so patient in waiting for his brother.
Kaden was running around a million miles a minute like always. He was in this tree and that, running ahead, climbing the hill. He reminds me of a dog. He probably went 4 times as far as we did.
There is a little hidden fort we went to and played in for a while. The boys had so much fun exploring it.
They are so cute together!!!
At one point Kaden was calling to me that he was stuck. I came over and he was up in the little tree fort, climbing down. He said, "Mama, I thought I was going to be stuck here forever, but then I remembered I'm awesome!". He is so funny. I told Matt about that little comment tonight when he got home and he laughed so hard, "Kaden is so rad!".

Another simple day down for the memory books. The simple, unplanned days are always the best ones.


grant + brittany said...

wow. i think every picture is my favorite. you are very talented.

grant + brittany said...

especially the very last ones. i think you should seriously blow those up and put them in your house! they are so beautiful!

Lacy said...

Love this post and all these picture. Kaden and Sully are pretty much two peas in a pod:-)