Thursday, October 27, 2011

next time won't you sing with me?

Have I mentioned before how fun it is to have Matt home on his days off? Yeah, I have, a bunch of times. He is so cute with the kids. They love him so much. The other day Matt and Kaden were working on an alphabet puzzle. Kaden loves to do puzzles with his daddy. Sometimes he just jumps and dances around while Matt does all the work. Sometimes he helps a little. It was cute watching Matt teach him. Beckham was just a spectator while he sat on the floor and ate his snack. He is so funny about his snacks. He raids the pantry every chance he gets. He is always bringing me things, "open this? pwees, pwees?! I want some, want some!"
I am so proud of Matt and the way he is with the boys. It has only been in the last year that I feel confident in leaving him to watch over the boys for short periods of time. He is so attentive and good with them when I am gone. He calls me if he has any questions. One day I was gone for hours, yard-saleing all around the town with friends. I expected to come home to a disaster and the tv on. I came home and they had read stories, eaten snacks, worked on puzzles, and build train tracks, and everyone was happy. I felt so proud of him. Sometimes I will leave for a night out with friends. He puts the kids to bed and listens for them. We have great friends close by who can be called in a pinch if needed. It's so nice to have a little freedom, and Matt thrives in the situation. The boys love their time with Dad, behave for him, and don't seem to miss me a bit.
Beckham has learned the abc's. He actually has known them for a few months. He will sing them over and over and over again. It's just too cute for words. I love his little voice. The other day we had to roam the halls in church because he was so excited in singing. He was happy and loud. These videos were taken a few weeks ago and are awful quality but so adorable, to me at least. The camera throws him off a little. He usually won't miss a beat or a letter.

Can I say that my baby is a smartie? I am pretty sure he is...

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