Sunday, October 30, 2011

my squishy

I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine. And he shall be my squishy. Come here Squishy! Come here little Squishy deeebeeedooodeeeb.......

The name Squishy just suits Beckham. He is so cute and squishy!! He is still my floppy baby. His muscle tone is still so lax, but it's made even worse by his ability to collapse into a pile of goo when I hold him, wrestle with him, tickle him, ask him to stand when he doesn't want to, etc.

I thought these pictures of Becks and Callie were cute. She is so patient with his overzealous love. He loves "tallie tat" so much. He follows her around talking in a sweet high voice, ready to lay on her at any moment. Good thing she is young and resilient.

Beckham and I have a nice few mornings a week when Kaden is at school. Beckham missed Kaden the first few times he was gone, asking where he was and wandering around looking for him. It was a little sad and a lot cute. Now, I think he realizes what this means, having brother gone. He gets free reign of toys, nothing gets taken away, he has my attention, and soon his playmate will come home. Plus, going to pick Kaden up is one of his favorite things. He loves the new school and the playground is exciting. I usually tear him away crying. We need to work on this boy's temper somehow. He knows how to cause a scene.

One morning a week he has physical therapy. He's been doing this for over a year. He sort of loves Diane, sort of resents why she comes. He loves to play with her, but the moment he realizes he is being tricked into working he becomes aloof and wanders off to the other side of the room to play. He has quite a personality. I am so excited that he is graduating from pt. He will only be doing 2 days a month now, and I see him being able to completely stop soon. He is doing so well. Since he learned to walk his independence has taken off. He is motivated to try new things, which he never cared about doing before. He is well aware of what he wants and will work hard to figure out how to get it. He tries to keep up with other kids. He's become quite active and even a bit troublesome. He makes me proud.

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