Thursday, October 13, 2011

i came from heaven...the zoo in heaven

Sometimes when my crazy little man is bouncing off the walls I ask, "where did you come from?" He always replies, "I came from Heaven, Mama! The zoo in Heaven!" He really is a little monkey. He has been calling himself a kangaroo-frog-monkey for a while now. He thinks it's the best of all worlds, he can jump high, climb, store treasures in a pouch, and has an awesome tongue for catching things. The stuff this kid thinks of never ceases to impress me, or make me laugh.

Before we left Albuquerque for Santa Fe, we made a trip to the zoo. Kaden has never been to a zoo before. He was nervous at first; he didn't want to see any lions or scary animals that could jump out and "catch" him. After being there for all of 2 minutes he was excited, happy, hyper, and loving it. His very favorite part was the monkey exhibit and of course, the little train we rode. The zoo had quite a few baby animals. Baby animals are too adorable. They are so playful and fun.
Kaden carried "Marty" around the whole time. He held him up to show him everything and explain things to him. Beckham had fun too. He loved the train and seeing all of the animals. He was a happy camper and fell asleep half way through.
I love this shot. That guy is like, "what up?!" and his stance is just sweet. And this little orangutan was so cute. He was climbing and swinging all over the place and totally reminded me of a little kid.

Doesn't he just look so happy? The polar bear was Kaden's other favorite animal. We stayed and watched him swim around for quite a while. The elephants were so fun; there was a baby, and I am not sure it gets much cuter than a baby elephant.

Our quick weekend getaway was amazing and I can't wait to do it all over again.

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melinda said...

WOW. Your pictures are amazing! so artistic!