Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Still Kids

Andrea, Clare, Becky (my very best pals from high school) and I got together for a little fun in the snow. It was literally only 10 degrees outside and I had the flu, but it was the most fun I have had in a while. We went to the dam where the world's best sledding is.

Becky in the lone and deary wilderness, blazing a trail via awesome snowshoes.

You can do it Clare! The snow was waist-deep; I kid you not.

Kaden managed to get stuck on the hill and the snow was up to my waist and I just kept sinking trying to save him. Becky and Ryan came to the rescue in their snowshoes. Then I took Kaden home for his nap and came back to play ( I love that we only live 1/2 mile away!).
Get Ready...

Get Set...


We actually got some terrifying speed and had to crash-land before blasting into a ginormous snowbank.
Me, Karena, Andrea, Becky, Clare

Being ridiculous...but I totally pelted Becky.

Is this not the most beautiful place?!?!?!

I love the holidays when my favorites come home to see me (and their families too I guess). I am still working on my recruiting. These girls would be first string.

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