Sunday, December 28, 2008


We had Kaden's second 2nd birthday celebration the day after his real birthday. On his birthday we went to my work party. My boss has three girls and they were in love with him and drug him through the house all night long. He showed off and danced around and made a silly show of himself. He was in Heaven. He is a true lady's man already and I'm not sure if I like that. He was even found in a dark closet with the three-year-old with nothing but a tiny flashlight....hmmmm.
On the 21st we had his birthday part at my parent's house and he just wasn't feeling himself. He's been sick a lot this month, and that showed as he wasn't really into opening gifts OR eating cake! Either way, I had fun video-taping and opening presents for him. He loved what was inside at least.

He got a sled, lots of car stuff, a choo-choo, some books, and blocks. I think that the parents are the lucky ones. Matt and I had a lot of fun with the Zoob blocks.

My beautiful white-walled tire cake.

Much more interested in the choo-choo than his cake and ice cream. Proof he's not feeling quite himself.
When we got home there was a gigantic box on our porch. It was from Keith and Kim, and inside was the cutest little rocking horse. Kaden literally fell in love with it. He just kept saying "horsey" and kissing and hugging it. It was such a fun surprise.

He's 2. HE IS 2!!!!! He is so much fun and entertains us daily. He is full of love and is the sweetest thing on earth. I can't believe HE IS 2! I have loved every stage and I hope that I continue to love every age, because I am figuring out that you can't stop time.

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Dan & Ashley said...

Happy birthday Kaden!!! What a sweetheart. It looks like he had a great birthday and Christmas. Give him lots of hugs from us! We are so so so sad we won't get to see you guys. :( Hope your New Years though is still wonderful!