Monday, December 8, 2008

If I break 80...

I love tripping up to Utah because I get to see Matt's fam, my sister, and Andrea too. I ditched the boys one night to hang out with my favorite girls.

I haven't bowled in years, so I was thrilled when Michaela suggested it. I told her, "if I break 80, you owe me some kind of prize..." She said, "yeah, well if I break 80 you have to buy me a house, because it will be a miracle."

Don't let our stance fool you, we stink.
My shoes were the ugliest of all time.

We ended up bowling 3 games and she broke 80 twice! I even ended up breaking 100. We are the worst but we had fun laughing at each other and cheering when we knocked anything over. I love hanging with my sis. She always makes me laugh.

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