Monday, December 8, 2008

Rest Stop

Moab is almost exactly half-way between our house and Traci's. We like to plan our stops here because it is so beautiful and there is always something fun to do. They just finished the bridge over the Colorado river. I have been waiting patiently for them to get it done, and finally, we were able to go across it. We even snapped a few good pictures.

It felt so good to get the kinks out after being in the car for so long. Kaden was ecstatic, stretching his legs and sprinting down the long bridge, taking a few breaks to gaze into the water.

Another fascination for a little boy....Water.

My little rock-climber. He's starting early. I think it is in his blood. He climbs on absolutely everything.

I always feel like have to make it home in exactly X number of hours, X number of minutes. I am kind of weird about it. (I'm also a total freak about my gas mileage, but that's another story...) I don't like stopping much; I just want to get there. This time, I tried not to worry about how long we stopped, or how long it would take to get home. I am so glad about it too, because it was a highlight of the trip. We ended up playing and running around for over an hour. I wish we could have stayed longer. This might just turn into a permanent stop for us, and I will add another hour or two to my weird obsession.
Side note: I love running. I love hiking. I love river-rafting and kayaking. I love biking. I love rock-climbing. I love camping and being outside. Moab is adventure-town and my cup of tea. Someday, I'll plan a recreational excursion there. Anyone want to come?


k8e said...

Such cute pictures! I had no idea they were even building that. We need to start going through Moab more often. I usually always go through Grandjunction...not sure why?

Kara said...

Great pictures! I love Moab too. It's a great stopping point and another fun think I used to love to do is jump down that big red sand hill. Kristy Miller and I did that one time and I'll never forget writing messages to Bart in the sand while we waited for him to meet us there. That's a cool bridge, I'll have to check it out next time. Happy early birthday to Kaden- two year old are twice the fun!! You'll love it.

Nicole Wood said...

I'll join you!