Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I love Christmastime. It is so magical and creates a warm feeling deep in me. I love the spirit of Christmas, the true reason for the season. It is so easy to get caught up in festivities, yummy treats, and shopping, but making time to think of the Savior and His birth makes Christmas truly special. I have heard recently people complaining about Christmas, complaining that people are greedy, rude, in a hurry, etc. That may be true, but I honestly see it as a time when people are giving, thoughtful, kind, and willing to do extraordinary things. I see it as a time when loved ones gather from large distances and reminisce and share, and enjoy a peaceful time together. I love to see beautiful decorations and lights. I feel happy listening to my favorite spiritual, traditional, and fun holiday songs. I really do see Christmas as an extremely special and magical time.
While we were in Utah, we were treated to a play, a Christmas dance concert, the festival of trees, and my favorite, the lights on Temple Square (nothing can compare to this). It was a packed-full week of wonderful activities that just blasted us with Christmas spirit.
At the festival of trees. I love this. There are wreaths, gingerbread houses, and HUNDREDS of tiny, medium, tall, and HUGE trees displayed. Some of them are complete scenes full of toys, electronics, or whatever theme the tree is. People bid on the trees and the money goes to the Primary Children's Hospital. Another thing I will do if (when ;) I'm a couple of trees.
Our cousin Nate works in a giant building across from Temple square and he took us to the top floor to see the lights. It was spectacular. I wish the pictures would have turned out to do it more justice. It was beautiful. I swear they put more lights up every year.
Obsessed with kissing.

With Traci and her precious mom.

Grandpa Dave and Kaden.

Kaden was so into the fountain, he threw a fit when we tried to leave. He would have jumped in to swim had I not had the grip of death on him.

So much to celebrate. Today was Kaden's birthday. He's 2 and I can't believe it. I listened to Christmas songs through December and while in the hospital when Kaden was born. Every time I hear Christmas music, especially Sarah McLachan's "What Child is This?" I think of my baby. The first time I held him, his first few days here when it was just the two of us snuggling in the hospital. I can imagine the baby Jesus and I feel so much love in my heart.
Merry Christmas!


Jen and Allen said...

Is Matt in a wheel chair?

Jodi Jean said...

how fun to get to go to slc and spend with family in this special time of year.

happy birthday kaden!! i can't believe it's been 2 years already ... it sure flies by.

thanks ... i really like how finley's dress turned out.

Nicole said...

thanks for sharing the photos. i love that little boy!

have a very merry christmas!