Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Day

It snowed 2 feet the other night and we woke up to this. It was up to my knees and took me over 2 hours to SHOVEL the entire driveway. Kaden and Matt just watched me from the window; it made me smile. There is a running joke about my "man arms". This will definitely contribute to them.

I thought I had to go to work, but I got a snow day along with the schools....and around here that NEVER happens. So, we've been taking advantage of the time off and the fun to be had (the housework too, bleh).

It's beautiful here; I am in love with it.

His coat is so tiny; it's from last year. I think there is a song about that, "fat guy in a little coat.." It's a good thing he's getting a new one for his birthday. I just love how fat he is in his snow clothes. He literally waddled.
And then....

"I've fallen down and can't get up!" That is what happens when you are a rolly polly. He just thrashed around and was giggling, but couldn't get anywhere. Matt and I were almost hysterical. I am the mean mom who had to snap the picture before I'd help him.

I did help him, eventually :)


Kara said...

Cute pictures! Nathan was doing the same thing yesterday in the snow- he would fall down and couldn't get up. I was snapping pictures left and right. We're in CO now and I'm loving this white, pretty stuff! I shoveled a little yesterday and it was a good workout. No wonder you're in such great shape!

Anonymous said...

Jessica how are you? Your son is so adorable!! Email me at I cannot wait to hear from you. I wish you guys a very Merry Christmas!! God bless.