Monday, December 15, 2008

Trev and Heidi got hitched.

Matt and I could become professional wedding-goers by now. We've been to who knows how many weddings over the last few years. He's married off 4 of his immediate family members in the last year and a half. This time, his younger brother Trevor married beautiful Heidi. Here are some (of course too many) pictures of the event.

Mr. Suave himself, ready to go.

The gang right before we left for the wedding.
They got married only about 10 minutes away from Traci's house, so I was surprised and so happy that Kaden fell asleep in the car. So, we stashed him in the corner hoping he'd stay asleep. He is not one to stay asleep for long if he is interrupted, but Heaven looked down on us and he slept for over an hour in his carseat. He didn't make the pictures, but he was the happiest boy after his rest. And, I was a happy mom.

Me, Heidi, Kara, and Nicole.

Little Mr. Handsome.

Kara and Nicole (Matt's sisters).

Trying to entertain a wiggly toddler during dinner.

Heidi looked stunning, absolutely gorgeous. Like a barbie doll.

Don't let that pretty face fool you, she can hold her own. Good thing too...

Like father like son. Kaden loves to kiss, and he INSISTS it's on the lips.

"Heidi, just give me another one"

"Come on, I said I want another kiss...."

And away they go, the newly married Mr. and Mrs. Wood.

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Jodi Jean said...

congrats trever!

great pictures ... you all look gorgeous!