Friday, January 22, 2010

getting deep

The snow is certainly piling up around here. I've got to say how grateful I am for the new handy snowblower we got. A man from church gave it to us for a steal, and an anonymous person contributed just the right amount and we didn't pay a cent. People are so good. I am figuring it out and it sure saves me a lot of time. It's been windy and the snow blows all over me and gets me soaked (hence the slicked down look I have going on). But, I say we have the prettiest driveway around. We've probably gotten about 3 ft. in the last three days. My poor parents are completely burried up at their house, but they know how to roll up there. I am happy to have the snow. It is beautiful and makes everything that much prettier in the Spring. For now, we are just enjoying a lazy day of books, movies, cookies, and naps. I can't complain for an excuse to snuggle up and be lazy.

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