Monday, January 4, 2010

Very Merry

This cute face pretty much says it all. We had a wonderful Christmas--the first in our house. Everyone came down to celebrate with us. I deeply missed my Papa and Nonie, as they were a fixture every Christmas, but other than that, it was perfect. Our special traditions make me so happy. Seeing Kaden get excited made me more excited. Beckham smiled and was happy all day; it was like he knew that is was a special day. I love that our celebration and present-opening goes well into the afternoon. We take our time, we take turns and watch each other open gifts. I can't imagine not doing that. One of my favorite things is seeing the surprise, excitement, and gratitude of someone receiving something special.

I hate this picture, but it's the only one we got together. It was so cozy cuddled up right there with my mister.

These two pictures make me laugh. Michaela gets away with anything with Dad. She teases him and gets him to go along with things none of us ever could. This look on his face is classic--it's just him.

My very favorite tradition. A special, clever poem on nearly every package. It started with my great grandma. The very first poem, "something pink and tiny to cover your heiny." We have taken this to a whole new level. Some are short and sweet, some epic sonnets. Some serious, some sentimental, and some downright hilarious. I save all of my poems every year. Someday I will put them into a book.

It was a beautiful day. I am always sad to see the Christmas decorations go down, and to bid farewell to the season, but there is also something so refreshing about a new year. I am looking forward to a new, better year.

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Jodi and Mike said...

I love the poem tradition. What a fun thing to do every year.