Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pre-Christmas festivities

The weekend before Christmas we drove up to Utah to spend time with Traci and Dave. All 11 of the kids, plus spouses were able to make it. It was a great time. We started off up in Midway at Soldier Hollow. I had never been there before and I loved it. It was fun to do something Matt could enjoy so much. He plowed through the boundries at the bottom nearly every time he went down and was threatened of being kicked out. He thought it was funny. Kaden was in Heaven riding down in his own tube. I thought he would be scared going so fast, but he loved it. By the end he was so tired he was falling asleep in the tube. When we went into the lodge it was due-time for a meltdown.

While the boys were snowmobiling the girls stayed at the cabin. I loved being with Kara, Heidi, Brittany, and Christine. I feel so lucky to love my in-laws so much.

One of the best parts of the weekend was one evening when Dave gathered us all together and read a few Christmas stories. He proceeded to tell us that we would be paired off (9 groups) and be given $100 to share with someone we felt inspired to give it to. When we got there Matt and I wandered around looking for someone. We both felt impressed with one particular lady and her son and followed them around for quite some time. It felt so wonderful to give her the card with the money. We didn't see her open it, but got to witness a few others open their cards; it was such a special experience. When we got back to the cabin we all shared our experiences and why we chose the people we did. It was the perfect Christmas activity and one I will never forget.

Back at the cabin we were thoroughly entertained by Luke. Heis so hilarious; I love that guy.

Luke is 5'1" and Matt 6'5". I am not sure what they have spilled all over their shirts, but this just cracks me up.

He was the best Santa. Grant and Brittany got a video and it is the funniest/best thing ever. I laughed so hard.

It was such a fun time to be able to all be together, have fun, get to know each other better, and share in the Christmas season. Ican't believe how much I absolutely love David's family and it's been so fun to get to know them all. I hope we can do this again, soon.

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Tara said...

Hey Jess,
I still pop in to read your posts all the time. I love your positive spirit! I love the $100 idea. Something I will lock away for future use! Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas!